Woodbury Middle School  LbNA # 51959

Placed DateJan 8 2010
Locationsalem, NH
Planted ByTapOut105    
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Hike Distance?

1. Park at the side of the Woodbury Middle School
2. Procede down that hill and you should see multiple feilds for playing ball
3. Proceed to a Blue House
4. From there look right
5. Walk to the fance and continue left while facing the fence
6. Look on the ground and there it shud be, nestled on the ground. happy letterboxing!!!!!

The Salem public School district was created over 200 years ago to 1798 when the town of Salem built their first public school house in Salem, NH. The School house was the only School for many towns around and children from all over to learn and study. The Salem school district of Salem, NH was made in 1825. The Woodbury High school was founded 100 years later in 1925, as Salem’s first High school. That school was renovated five times since and the last school addition was added in 1995. Woodbury later became a Middle School in 1966 when Salem High School was completed. The Woodbury School has received the Presidents award for excellence in Education, which is given to schools who excel in the offering of academic and extra curricular activities. There are still additions on their way and the Salem School District is adding more programs for the teenagers.