american stonehenge box  LbNA # 51947 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 7 2010
Locationsalem, NH
Planted Bymoffatt    
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My letterbox is placed in American Stonehenge and around the 1800s over 100,000 slaved looked for freedom through the underground railroad. The underground railroad is the term given to the black American who tried to sneak away and to gain their freedom as they went as far as Canada and Mexico. Free blacks, whites, Native Americans and former slaves acted as helpers and helped wanted slaves to their freedom. This 19th century freedom movement challenged the way Americans looked at slavery and freedom.

1. right in parking lot
2. park infront of head in parking only sign
3. go to rock wall and make your way up the path
4. walk up to the large rock
5. look around the rock and you will see the box