Salem Bible Church  LbNA # 51940

Placed DateJan 6 2010
LocationSalem, NH
Planted ByYeah Letterboxing!    
Found By burning feet
Last Found Jul 20 2012
Hike Distance?

1. Enter Salem Bible Church on Ermer Road.
2. Look for the Salem Bible Church sign and start there.
3. Facing the road, take 14 steps.(this should bring you to a large tree.
4. At the base of the tree take 10 steps toward the double pine tree.
5. Pass the tree in the same direction.
6. Upon the next double tree, look around and you will see this letterbox

The church began as a home Bible study with members from Grace Bible Church in Dracut, MA and Fellowship Bible Church in North Andover, MA. (FBC now relocated to Methuen, MA.)
Fellowship Bible Church had formed a "mission board" designed to establish churches in the New England area. Both Grace Bible & Salem Bible churches were the result of that mission. In 1980, a Bible study began in a home in Salem, (Yorks) with several families from the area in attendance. In 1981, they held our first church service at the Robert Frost School on Main St. in Salem with about 20 people. The Frost School was sold, and six months later we had to relocate to the Soule School on Policy St. in Salem.
After a few months, the church rented property on 11 Ermer Road in the north end of Salem. The property consisted of a 4 acre parcel of land with an oversized split level home. After renting for about a year, the Lord enabled the church to purchase that home. The pastor & his wife lived upstairs and church services were held downstairs.