Baseball: The Good & The Bad  LbNA # 51878

Placed DateJan 1 2010
LocationGrand Ledge, MI
Found By 4eyesmcgee
Last Found Apr 6 2013
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These are located in Lincoln Brick Park. The park is located at 13991 Tallman Rd. Grand Ledge, MI
A trail map will be helpful for this series. One can be found at the trail head by the old brick factory, or online at

I often catch myself day dreaming about the Detroit Tigers 2003 season. Yes, the year that they lost 119 games. They were horrible, but they weren’t the worst in baseball history. There was a team that was so bad, that the rest of the league refused to come to their stadium to play because of poor attendance. This team was forced to play 85 of their remaining 93 games on the road. They finished the season with 20 wins and 134 losses. They lost 101 of those games on the road. A record that is unbreakable due to current baseball scheduling. To find this horrible team’s grave, head North on the path directly behind the interpretive center. (Maybe they needed help interpreting the rules of baseball!) Continue along....hmmm is that a score board ahead?? It must be! I wonder what it says? As you arrive at the "scoreboard" I'm sure you have realized that the staff of your organization should have been Fired a long time ago! Just up to the left you will find the grave in the gnarly web.

Another dismal team in the early part of the century went a mind boggling 36-117. A lot of team’s bad records are blamed on the lack of offense, but in this case the pitching was the cause of so many losses. Their best pitcher (Joe Bush) had a record of 14 wins and 23 losses. Not good! I think these Athletes needed a bit more practice; as it seems they only equipment they knew how to use was the kid’s playground equipment. Go test out their equipment and then you better just sit the bench. While pondering your awful performance, you may want to see if there are any BASEballs behind you.

Baseball has had its share of bad, and now the good!

One of the best teams of all time (as much as I despise them) had one of the most feared line ups that consisted of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. In that year, Ruth had 60 home runs and Gehrig had 47. No one in the starting line up batted under a .269. You shall seek the Pinstripe Point …I mean Pintail Point. From the #3 marker you can read how they buried their competition. 27 was a great year, so take 27 steps up the trail from the marker. At 288 degrees you will find the Yankee tree.

It wouldn’t be fair to mention the above team without mentioning my favorite team. Although there was nothing special about this team, they won the World Series 4 games to 1 over the San Diego Padres. In 1984 this team was riding high on the Tallman Trail. Find the marker 4 them. Take the cart up to the top where 2 steel beams cradle the trail. Go 26 steps back the way you came. To your right you will see a fallen tree and stump. 7 steps past this stump you will find the Tiger’s Den.