Stars In His Eyes  LbNA # 5178 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 12 2003
Location?????, OH
Found By Williamsport Tribe
Last Found Mar 25 2006
Hike Distance?

"Stars in His Eyes" mystery box.
Placed 7-12-03 by Salamander.
Difficulty: Moderate; drive up.

Clues: Once upon a time, there was a
little frog living happily in his southern Ohio hometown( which was
the state's first capital, by the way).The frog felt generally very
satisfied with his life except for one unfufilled ambition---he had
always wanted to act in a Broadway play in New York City.(His mother
always said he had stars in his eyes). So the frog saved his pennies
and was finally able to make the trip to New York. But he was unable
to secure an audition with any of the big productions. So he went to
see three plays instead, and found that he was quite happy even just
being in the audience. Then the frog returned to his small hometown
and lived happily ever after, realizing how lucky he was to have a
great view of the city and at least one big star in his eyes, right
in his own back yard. He felt very attached to things there, and
decided that he would forever after guard his small town way of life,
never leaving his post again whether by air, sea or rail. The little
frog would welcome a visit from you, IF you can figure out where he
lives. *** This box brought to you by the magic of Velcro (hint).