Shore-To-Shore  LbNA # 51689 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerUpward Trail    
Placed DateDec 1 2009
Location???, MI
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Erin and Kate share a personal connection to Multiple Sclerosis: both Erin's grandfather and Kate's father have lived with the disease.

In August 2009, the girls thru-hiked the Michigan Shore-To-Shore trail in honor of these two men and the 400,000 others living with MS today. The trail is 240 miles in length, stretching across the entire width of the State of Michigan. Their hike took them from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron, and took 13 days to complete.

Find the place where their trip began. Drive toward the water, around the loop and find a place to park. With the great lake to your back, find the first tree past the stop sign. Look up, you may have to climb for it!

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