Warm Springs Park (300 W 850 N)  LbNA # 51216

Placed DateNov 1 2009
CountySalt Lake
LocationSalt Lake City, UT
Planted ByMasta's of Disastas    
Found By marksmen
Last Found Apr 25 2011
Hike Distance?

Start on path with the bike rack by the parking lot.

follow path until you see a dog laying down

stand by dog and take 65 steps SW to a big rock with a plaque on it

look SE from the Fur Trader rock and notice the light pole.
walk in the direction of and past the light pole until you find the tree with an X carved into it (about 6 feet high)

take 45 steps SE from X tree to where 3 sidewalks connect

take S sidewalk until you find another light pole.

head E to the playground and take a moment to swing a little.

go E to the tree in the center of the roundabout

Take 28 steps in the direction indicated on the tree

Look E for a rock path leading up a hill.

take 15 steps uphill from the start of the path

Turn round and notice some rocks leaning against a tree on the N side of the trail and find our box!