Under the Brush  LbNA # 51076 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 25 2009
CountyContra Costa
LocationWalnut Creek, CA
Planted Byxxabi    
Found By Lost Sailor
Last Found Nov 23 2010
Hike Distance?

The location of the letterbox is in Walnut, CA and is located somewhere in Rudgear Community Park.

Arrive at the entrance of Rudgear Park at the intersection of Rudgear Rd. and Palmer Rd.

Walk up the pavement for about 100 years.

Once you reach the soccer field, turn right and walk along the fence until you reach the point across from where you started.

This is where you will see a rather large oak tree and a sign.

Walk up the slight incline/hill behind the tree.

You will see a few small pine trees.

Search the bottom of the trees. Near the trunk of one of the pine trees you will my letterbox!

Hint: Search the one on the left.