What's up Doc?  LbNA # 51071

Placed DateOct 6 2009
LocationPortsmouth, RI
Planted ByYou are my Sunshine    
Found By Nairon
Last Found Jul 10 2015
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What's up Doc?

What’s Up Doc? Looking for the Melville Carrot

In Portsmouth on route 114, turn into the road near Melville School. Follow past the new townhomes sign and past the Melville campground. On left you will see a small fishing trail sign and a yet another larger sign a few yards up for the Melville Trail. Make the right turn after the campground and signs. Follow road to the end and park in the lot on the right. Walk down past the log entrance to the bulletin board. Take a right before bulletin board, easterly, up the slightly inclining semipaved road for about 0.2 miles to the second trail marker sign on the right Orange. Keeping the parking lot to your right. Turn right and follow the orange colored trail blazes.

Enter here. Be careful many roots are exposed.
Walk through and then over an old rock wall that has fallen down. Soon after, you will see a tree that has broken in two (resembles an elephant with two trunks). Walk under the lower branch.
Wind your way through the trail keeping an old stone wall off to your right hand side. Follow the orange trail markers until you come to the entrance of the Pine needle forest. As you approach you will see next to the trail on the right a tree that splits at the trunk forming the letter “V”. Soon after curving to your left is the entrance to the Pine Tree forest. Once amidst the pines go approximately 18-22 steps. Looking to your left, gaze upward to find one pine tree leaning on another. It is here you will find what you are looking for.
You may notice the fake trail boundary leading to the base of the tree that is leaning. The roots are lifted from the ground. At the base, look beneath the pine cones and rocks to find the box you are looking for.
Please be sure to return the items into their Ziploc bags and return the box in the same position so others may enjoy. =) To get out of the orange trail the best thing to do is return the way you entered. The trail map and the markers toward the end of this trail do not match up. Although if you are adventurous you might just find your own way out.