Positively New Jersey  LbNA # 51068

Placed DateOct 19 2009
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found May 3 2015
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedNov 8 2015

Originally planted by PCLG. Adopted with permission by Jersey Trailblazers.

First planted in 2001, this box went missing in 2002 and was not replaced. It had been planted in an area of frequent flooding. It has now been restored and the stamp for this box, which is a duplicate of the original PCLG stamp, was carved by Jersey Trailblazers. The clue to solve this Mystery is the same as the original but the spot where the box was planted was changed to a more secure place.


Hike: Moderate: 1 - 2 hours - depending upon you.

Terrain: Flat w/small hill – Trail (Sand / Dirt / Gravel) is flat and mostly wide enough for 2 way foot traffic but can be muddy in spots after it rains.



To solve this clue, first answer each of the following questions:

1) Which university won the first intercollegiate football game?

2) What is the last name of the Newark resident who invented the stock-market ticker?

3) What is the last name of the engineer who invented FM radio?

4) What is the last name of the Newark-born performer who got his start in 1946 performing at the 500 Club in Atlantic City?

5) What is the name of the tavern where New Jersey changed from a 'colony' to a 'state' in 1777?

6) What is the last name of the Maplewood dentist who invented the golf tee?

7) What is the last name of the Montclair resident who rode on Gemini 12?

Now, take the first letter of each of the answers, and rearrange them to form the name of a New Jersey town. Then, follow these directions:

From the parking lot head toward the red brick building. Pass the building on the right and follow the wide path. You will quickly come to a four way intersection with a sign that 'Welcomes' you. To the Right of that sign is a small brown sign listing points of interest. Follow the way to the "N.C." Stay straight on this path and pass by the pavilion on your left. As you continue, on your right you can read about the "Garden State". As you keep walking you will pass by the water on your right and then onto 'blazed trails'. As you pass by the intersection where Red and Green split - stay on Green. Pass the water on your right - take a break on the bench if you like. As you continue, you will come to a wide trail on your left. Previously unmarked this is now part of the red trail. Take that trail. Follow the trail as it winds around through the woods. Stay on the main trail and ignore any unmarked left and right turn offs that you will pass by. Eventually you will come to an intersection where the red trail makes a right turn. Keep going straight onto the unmarked trail. (Used to be part of the red trail but now the blazes are painted over in black) As you immediately pass through the intersection, take approx. 50 average steps and then stop. Look off the left side of the trail where you will see a small hill in the trees. Step off the trail and into the trees (careful as it may be slightly wet/muddy here) Head up the hill in the small 'mini' gorge between the two sides of the hill. Stop at the top of the hill. Sight 10 degrees and take 20 average steps to a multi-trunk tree. Stand at the right side of the multi-trunk tree and sight 40 degrees. Take 10 steps to the far end of a piece of dead tree lying on the ground. The box is hidden under the far end of the tree under some bark and forest debris. (Just after and under where a broken branch piece points skyward from the dead tree) When you have completed your mission, head back down the hill and turn left to continue up the path. Follow this path until you come to an intersection when you can no longer proceed in the direction you were heading. At the intersection, turn right, and follow this path as it will take you back to the parking area.

This box hase been hidden well to keep it safe. Please rehide it where you found it. Please do not let children rehide box without assistance. Steps are single and are based on an average step - not long strides.