Postal Letterboxing #3  LbNA # 51015

Placed DateOct 20 2009
LocationSodus, MI
Found By DoodleDe
Last Found Apr 26 2015
Hike Distance?

SODUS, MI 49126
"A quiet agricultural area that borders on the St. Joseph River."
In the HEART of beautiful Sodus, MI find the post office on Naomi Rd. You'll see the sign for the Sodus Township Park. The driveway to the park is in between. Follow the drive back towards the ball field and park near the Pavillion. Walk the crushed stone path towards the playground. Find the Tricia Carlson Memorial and check out the score courtesy of George Pope. When reading the sign you are facing the way to go. Follow the path past Michael's bench & tree. At the bend in the trail, have a seat with David Rhew, a volunteer Fireman. Over your left shoulder spot a yellow pipe marker. At its base there are some broken pieces of crockery. The letterbox is under them.