Is it CHAR-let or Char-LOT?  LbNA # 50973

Placed DateOct 11 2009
LocationCharlotte, MI
Found By Celtic Suite
Last Found Apr 29 2012
Hike Distance?

This box was planted as a part of the GAQLBE09 event. This beautiful stamp was carved by our partners in the event, Carolina Wine Trail from North Carolina. Michigan shares a city name with North Carolina but we have a tendency to pronounce things differently than our neighbors to the south. They pronounce it CHAR-let and up north we say Char-LOT. Some would say we put the em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-A-bull! Go figure! There are a few other minor differences ... their city is a little older, having first been settled in 1755 compared to one hundred or so years later for Michigan's fair city, and then there is the fact that the North Carolina version is a just little larger in population...1.7 million vs 8,400. Anyway, we decided it would be fitting to plant this box in the city that shares it's name with a city in the home state of it's carver.
To find the box, go to the park in town that shares it's name with a singer who has stayed popular for over 50 years, having his first number one song in 1951. His signature song talked about leaving a vital organ in a city in California. Pull in under the arch bearing the singer's last name and park in the second parking area by the silver slides. Go to the walking trail the other side of the drive you came in on and head east past the 'No Motorized Vehicles' sign. Pass one bench and then another. Eventually, the trail splits, take the bridge to the right. Cross the Battle Creek River and head up the dirt road to the right. Stay to the right on the road and look for the GF RF house on the right. The addition on the house points in the direction of a large, tall 'Y' beech. Look behind under sticks for your prize. NOTE: Please use colored pencils on this stamp. If you must use an ink pad, please clean the stamp so you don't mess it up for others. Thank you.
Please be very discreet and rehide very well. As always, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.
Many thanks to our partners in the GAQLBE09, Carolina Wine Trail, for this wonderful stamp and logbook.