You Gave Your Wife a What? II  LbNA # 50780

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateOct 3 2009
Location???, WI
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Last Found Oct 19 2009
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It was a week before Mother's Day 2009. Becki and I were mad at each other . . . why? I can't recall. But we were angry. I had to leave the house to get away from the situation. Usually I would drive around for an hour or more just mulling over the situation over and over again in my head.

This time, I got just down the road from the house when I decided to do something totally against everything I was feeling inside. I would buy Becki's Mother's Day present and give it to her when I got home. Wouldn't she be surprised to see that I thought of her and got her a gift while I was gone in a supposed rage?

I knew already what I was going to buy her. She had one of these and now it was lone gone, she had made comments over the months/years that she would like to have another one -- this is even better, I remember what she wanted/needed and didn't need to ask 2 days before what she wanted!!

It was an unusual offering for Mother's Day, that was for sure. But the quirkiness I reasoned would bring a little smile to her face, a little chuckle perhaps, the birds would sing and rainbows would appear in the sky. Defusing the situation immediately!

I was still angry when I entered the store, however, when I walked up to the cash register I couldn't help but smile. What better way to show my appreciation for all that she puts up with -- dishes, laundry, meals, shuttling our 4 little ones here and there, putting up with temper tantrums & no privacy. This would surely put her in a better mood . . . she'll surely feel apprecaited!

I walked into the still tense house with the gift behind my back. I'm not sure what Becki was expecting of me, but it sure wasn't her Mother's Day gift -- boy this was going to be good. After a little introduction & drum roll I revealed the contents from behind my back.

The sun clouded over, the rainbows disappeared and the birds keeled over dead. Becki's eyes filled with tears, her lower lip quivered and she stormed out of the room -- leaving me there in a stunned silence . . . alone . . . still holding her gift in my hands.

This gift has bothered me ever since, so I took it far away from our home and headed to Wisconsin with the blasted thing. To the Boxacon gathering and picnic area 2. I had hoped that no one would see me therefore no one will ask about my stupidity. I took the object of my betrayal and headed out.

I took off alone, walking in the direction of the furthest part of the parking lot. An arrow whizzes by me, I quicken my steps. I take a right at the four way and walk all the way down and curve right at the end following the tree line to my right. Crossing over I see a post with green on it, I veer right down this mulched trail.

The trail curves right and a see a large tree leaning over slightly. Not far past this tree I see a log laying on the left side of the trail. I ditch the object and cover over the evidence with a rock . . . with hopes that it never haunts me again.