Flight of the Aztecs  LbNA # 50665

Placed DateSep 29 2009
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 1 2013
Hike Distance?


Hike: Easy: 20 mins

Terrain: Flat


Although they are said to be long gone, the Aztecs still watch over their lands and the people who live on those lands - that came after them....

When one of these people went on a long journey, the Aztecs were watching. When he did not return the Aztecs were saddened....

The man is remembered by some but is all but forgotten or unknown to many....

The Aztecs were displeased by this, so they decided that it was time for them to take flight. Not in the same manner of those that would come after them but in a way that they were familiar with....

They decided to bestow some of their 'magic'..and place it within a winged creature of the air....

The Aztecs had always revered birds of different types and this majestic creature held an important place in their community....

This special bird was then sent on a long flight to a place of rememberance, where the bird took up residence and with the 'magic' of the Aztecs, it began to watch over and guard the tribute....

If you visit this site, even today, you will see the image of this bird, always present, always watching, always guarding....

The 'magic' of the Aztecs still protecting the site, where one of their future countrymen was to depart this earthly place........


With your back to the Bird.....Head toward and through the gap in the wood

Turn right and head to where the surface changes.....You are in an area of diverging paths

On the left see the large tree.....It stands alone on a small patch of grass.....In the middle of a makeshift 'traffic circle'

Stand next to the tree on its Southwest side

Take the path at 110 degrees.....135 average steps down path

See small clearing on right.....20 steps at 150 degrees.....to the 'base' of the downed tree

the tree is barkless and points back at the path

18 steps at 23 degrees to a big tree (which looks like the others around it - only bigger)

There is an old piece of wood timber on the ground to the right of the tree.....Box is behind tree covered with brush

This box hase been hidden well to keep it safe. Please rehide it where you found it. Please do not let children rehide box without assistance. Steps are single and are based on an average step - not long strides.