Teacher's Pet - Cazenovia  LbNA # 50338 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 12 2009
LocationCazenovia, NY
Planted ByLily&Papa    
Found By C & Owl Crk Stompers
Last Found Nov 21 2010
Hike Distance?

Teacher's Pet - Cazenovia

Enter the Burton Street Elementary School Parking lot off of Clark Street (you can access Clark Street from either rt 13 or Burton Street) which is across from the Windmill Court Apartment. Enter the lot and turn right to find the 3rd light post which is next to a group of three trees, the one in the middle is very large. Pass the large tree and head to the pine grove to your right next to the woods. Find the very last tree in the left corner of the grove. Put your back to this tree and look into the woods for a double tree that looks like a Y. The “Y” tree has a wooden fence post growing through it, a fallen dead tree in front of it, and a wire fence along the base. When you find this spot look between the dead tree and “Y” tree at the base and you will find what you came for. Please be discreet, move away from the area to record your find and then log it in (to: Letterboxing.org & Altalsquest.com). Also feel free to e-mail LilynPapa to tell us what you think. Enjoy, be stealthy and return it to where it was, for others to find it.