On my way home  LbNA # 50288

Placed DateJul 10 2009
LocationRosston, IN
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Nov 28 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 9 2015

On my way home

Leaving Zionsville,Go north on 421 to Rosston, - if you get to Pine Ridge Trailer Park you've gone to far.Enter and stay right. Drive to SE corner of cemetery. to the right should be a huge pile of dirt at the end of which is a small clearing. If you get out you'll see a tree has fallen down the hill. It's a nice view from here.Look to your right and find a 5-prong tree. Celtic cross is buried in the middle of this tree. As you leave stop by the flag poles near the entrance. It's ahusband's beautiful tribute to his wife"Wattersons" I'm fascinated by different styles of crosses and thought I'd try to carve this one.

Continue North on 421. to large cemetery on the right. If you get to Michigantown you are too far. To find Mother and Child. Enter 3rd northern most entrance. Go straight until the 1st crossroad and stop. Find Rogers stone marker behind it is a large pine tree. Beside it is the Jenkins marker go behind this marker and down on your hands and knees to find "Mother and Child." I don't remember the artist but this is from a famous painting.

Back to north 421 to layman cemetery.You'll have to watch closely as it is off the road and down a gravel path on the left of 421. There is a 2 story barn on the left with a "P" on its roof just after the lane. The lane is marked by a small white sign.far west are the oldest graves, but in general this is an old cemetery. After you've walked aroound a bit, walk back down the lane like you are leaving. In the 7th tree down in the hole are pretty "wildflowers." This I found on a tattoo website and really liked it... but not enough to have it tattoed!

Head back to N421 and this will be your real challenge as it is unmarked and off the road- very tricky. After a two-story brown house is a cornfield on your right. On the left is a double poled electricity line. In between the two fields is the grass path back to the cemetery. If you pass a pretty yellow house with a yellow shed you've gone too far. Once you've found the cemetery it's easy to find. Go thru the rusty gate and to your right find the tree in the first row that will never die. From there go souteast to the 2nd never dying tree. Look NW from there and find a tree with 5 bases in the woodline. Here I left "Violets for Mom" Violets are my Mom's favorite flower and thankfully she is still alive. I try to find lots of different items with violets on them to give her even now since they don't bloom all year round.

From here you can keep straight on and go into Burlington for two of my other boxes or down I26 and I75 to my house for and exchange. Email me and I'll make sure I'm home for and exchange. If you want to stay for the weekend I can recommend a nice B&B. boxes to be found in Delphi, Adam's Mill, and soon Flora as well as Lafayette and West Lafayette.