Fun A La Cart  LbNA # 50269 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 8 2009
LocationDewitt, NY
Planted ByLily&Papa    
Found By The Point
Last Found Sep 14 2010
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Fun A La Cart

As you enter the Wegmans Dewitt parking lot stay in the far right lane and turn to the right toward Lacrosse Unlimited. Look for the #20 parking sign (in front of the furniture store) and park near the grass. As you look up the grassy hill to the picket fence you will notice 5 groups of shrubs. Go to the middle of the middle group, walk to the back so that you are shielded from the passer-bys and in the branches there you will find what you seek… Please be covert, move away from the area to record your find and then log it in (to: & Also feel free to e-mail LilynPapa to tell us what you think. Enjoy, be stealthy and return it to where it was, for others to find it.