Birdie Flies Home  LbNA # 50168 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 4 2009
LocationKalamazoo, MI
Found By Javertdog
Last Found Dec 28 2013
Hike Distance?

Clues begin at the trailhead of the Kal-Haven Trail in Kalamazoo. From M-43 (West Main St.) go North on 10th St.
Signs direct you to Kal-Haven Trail and parking on West side of 10th St. Trail Pass 'required', available at trailhead. $3.00 for day pass, $15.00 for annual pass. All fees collected support the maintenance of this linear trail, currently maintained by Kalamazoo County, VanBuren County and the Friends of Kal-Haven Trail.

***1/6/11 - Trail pass no longer required. now FREE! Donations can still be made to Friends of Kal-Haven Trail.

Easy clues, easy walk with short, steep climb for find. About 1 hour round trip.

Every year, birdies fly North, birdies fly South. This little birdie follows the Kal-Haven Trail to find its' way home. Birdie flies West over the Caboose to where 'Pavement Ends'. From there, birdie counts 'bench marks'. Two on the right, then past a gator in the gully on the right. Birdie flies on, following the trail, counting as in cadence...Left, Right, Left, Right, Left...Two Rights. Birdie takes a rest at the deluxe bench dedicated to Deborah K. Simpson. Consider that as the First of the military style cadence, Left, Left, ya Left, Right, Left. "I left my wife in New Orleans with 26 kids and a can of beans". (Nothing to do with the clues, just something we sang in Junior High Marching Band practice)

Take a seat on that last bench on the left. If you get to the cross street, you've gone too far...
While sitting on the bench, gazing across the trail and a little to the right, spot a 6-stumped Birch tree, 8-10 steep steps up off the trail. There you will find that Birdie made it Home.
Continue on the trail if you like but keep in mind that this is a Linear Trail, not Circular. To get back to your car, just follow the trail back.