1, 2, 3  LbNA # 50126

Placed DateAug 31 2009
LocationWestlake, OH
Planted Byladydragon    
Found By GeminiGirl
Last Found Jul 17 2015
Hike Distance?

Placed August 31, 2009
Difficulty easy

Equipment needed pen stamp paper pad ink pad
Number of boxes 5

These boxes are located in Bradley Woods Reservation which is one of the Cleveland Metroparks. It is on White Oaks Lane, off of Bradley Road, South of Center Ridge Rd and North of Barton Rd. This series is good for young ones with short attention spans as the boxes are fairly close together and we give lots of clues for easy finding and less frustration.
Park in the farthest parking lot. Go to the path by the sign that says “Safety first keep pets leashed. There is also a big triangle sign telling about the park. It’s a compass heading of about 120 degrees. The path splits very shortly, go to the left. You will pass a bench of the left for Irv Norton then a bench for Denzel Parsons, then a bench for Mike and Helen Gaydosh. 8 paces past this bench is a clearing to your left with a small tree in the middle that has a fence around it. In the upper left corner of the clearing (about 60 degrees), there is a very narrow path. It appears the deer use this path in the winter so snow should not pose a problem. The path goes down a small decline, there are usually logs at it’s lowest point to keep feet dry, the path goes up and over a hump. 8 paces further look to right, there is a very large tree with box #1 behind it. Back to the path 6 paces and it bears to the right, keep bearing right, 8 paces there’s a 3 trunk tree on the left, bear right, 6 paces there’s a 4 trunk tree on the right, 10 paces more and the path goes to the left, 26 more paces and path dead ends into a larger path (there will be a 5 trunk tree on your right). Here you will turn right. When the path starts bearing to the left, you will see a culvert draining into a small waterway on your right. Go 4 paces past this point and look left, 9 paces into the woods is a very large tree with box #2 hidden behind it. Back to path and continue (left turn), you will pass a large round depression on the left (don’t know what made it) A very large tree came down here, but the park service cleaned the path up. Watch on the right. There will be a maple tree next to the path, to the right of that tree is another maple with the root exposed and lots of rocks around the base. Box #3 is under rocks under the main tree. Back to path turn right and you will soon see the rusted remains of some kind of equipment. Go behind and see large fallen tree on right. Box #4 is in bottom of that tree. Back to path and continue (turn right).
You can retrace your steps or continue the loop around to the parking lot. If you loop around, take a left at the first path crossing. This takes you to the service road where you will turn left again and go back to your car.