Mario Party/Toad  LbNA # 49810

Placed DateAug 10 2009
LocationHoward, WI
Planted ByMD 202    
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found Sep 18 2011
Hike Distance?

Toad loved going to Asko Noble ball park
to play on the playgound and baseball diamond but he decided to go look for Mario his good friend. He saw him go toward the Mountian Bay Trail. He
walked South on the side of the road. Toad saw a sign that said "Pinecrest Park"not to far from Asko Noble. Toad saw in this park that they play a game called frisby golf. He thought that would be more fun.
So the next day he took a frisby from his home and came back there.There's a sign that shows you all the game cages you can play. Toad tried the first game he threw it and the frisby hit a bird house.A bird flew out. It kept pecking Toad so toad grabbed his frisby and ran to the second game. This one was clear from birds. He threw it and the frisby went far. Toad threw it again. This one was about 20 feet away. He threw it 2 more times and got it in. He walked to the third game cage.His frisby must of curved to the right . He was curious so he bushed wacked through some willows. Then all of the willows were gone and one popple was in the middle all alone. He thought it was Bowser so he ran 55 steps north east. There was popple trees in a big group.
Toad hid in the middle of the group covered himself with sticks.