Princess Lucy  LbNA # 49778

Placed DateAug 16 2009
LocationBrunswick, OH
Planted ByGerman Rooster    
Found By Pine Whisperer
Last Found Sep 3 2009
Hike Distance?

Princess Lucy

This box is planted in honor of Lucy who considers herself "royalty". So a logical place is Princess Ledges Park in Brunswick, Ohio. The park is off Pearl Road (Route 42) just north of Grafton Road. Turn West into the park and park in the parking lot. For those familiar with the park, your destination is the rock ledges. If not familiar, follow the path into the woods. Follow the trail straight ahead and down the hill and across the "boy scout" bridge. Veer to the left and cross the bridge with side rails. Continue on till you come to the Princess Ledges. Take some time to admire the natural beauty. Just past the rocks to the left go between the rocks and circle up and around to the large flat rock overlook. From here, you can look out over the trail and woods. This is a great spot for a "royal throne". Over your Right shoulder is a large fallen tree. Over your Left shoulder are two smaller trees near two large flat rocks with mossy covering. Under the higher flat protrusion awaits the letterbox for the princess.
Please rehide and seal bags securely. You can back-track the way you came or contine on the path. Either way will take you back to the parking lot.