Black Snake Trail  LbNA # 49497

Placed DateAug 6 2009
LocationMansfield/Hackettstown, NJ
Planted Byteambffl    
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Black Snake Trail

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This is our first letterbox. Enjoy!

Level:Fairly Easy, VERY FUN!
Status: Last stamped 8/7/09


Park your car near the tennis courts and baseball field on Winchester Avenue, in Mansfield, NJ.

Start your trip at the front door of the tennis courts. Facing the door, turn left and follow the paved path for 44 steps. Turn left, and go straight down the dirt path to the sidewalk. Facing the road, turn right, and walk until you reach the first tree to your left. Here, turn right and walk forward for 45 heel to toe steps. Turn left, and follow the path until you reach the 4th picnic table. Walk onto the bridge of the playground and look for a place with two trees. Now go to the trees and stand in the middle of them, with your back facing the playground. Turn right and take 20 steps forward. Then, walk along the big rock path until a branch from a big tree gets in your way. Here is where you will find the letterbox, search hard!

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