Ramona Cliffs  LbNA # 4943

Placed DateJul 3 2003
LocationZig Zag, OR
Planted ByMudstumpers    
Found By Stinkerbell
Last Found Aug 28 2015
Hike Distance?

The box has a tendency to fill with water... please reseal or replace the baggie so that the contents remain dry. This stamp and log book are small.... last checked 8/20/06.

Ramona Falls is such a beautiful water fall and a fairly easy hike, long but easy. The trail is very beautiful with variations in flora. Lots of room for letterboxes along the 7.1 mile loop trail. Keep your eyes open for a possible series here. This is a seasonal hike, April through October. The bridge across the Sandy River is removed around Labor Day and replaced around Memorial Day. If it is dry the river can be crossed without the bridge, but snow will make it impassable in winter. This is a great area for horses.

Driving Directions: From Portland take Highway 26 toward Mt. Hood for 42 miles. At the village of Zig Zag, turn left onto East Lolo Pass Road. After 4.2 miles turn right onto paved Road 1825, and in 0.7 mile turn right across the Sandy River bridge. Continue 1.8 miles on Road 1825, then fork left onto Road 100 for half a mile to a large parking area at the road's end. The trailhead is at the righthand side.

To the letterbox:

Follow the trail toward the Falls. Cross the river, hike on and enjoy the scenery. At the 1st fork in the trail, go left on trail 797. Enjoy a picnic near one of the many little falls along the way. Follow this until the 2nd bridge over the creek. Notice the cliffs rising on the lefthand side. Before crossing the bridge go left on the side trail toward the cliff. Follow along the fallen log. At the end take a bearing of 20 degrees, you will be facing a boulder pile. The letterbox is underneath.

Continue up to the falls.

If you have children with you, there are some hungry birds up there and a great area for an overnight just around the corner from the falls.