Hippie Friends  LbNA # 49382 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 1 2009
LocationSackets Harbor, NY
Planted Byfamilyoffourclan    
Found By thndrkttn
Last Found Aug 23 2013
Hike Distance?

This box was placed by two families who have been friends for many many years. It is a tribute to our friendship. We get together yearly for a weekend to see how we have grown and changed and it is the best weekend of our year! We decided that it would be fun to place a box as we usually go in search of one in the area we are in.

1. Drive to the village of Sackets Harbor, NY. It is located right on Lake Ontario. There are many wonderful restaurants in the area so if you have time, stop and have some lunch or dinner. It is well worth the trip. We would highly recommend Tin Pan Galley, Good Fellos or The Boathouse. They are our favorites!

2. Make your way to the entrance of The Sackets Harbor Battlefield; State Historic Site. If you are unsure of where it is located in town ask anyone and they can point you in the right direction.

3. First, Walk along the wooden walkway. You will pass by many historical homes and monuments. First you will see the Lieutenant's House on your right followed by the Commandant's House from the War of 1812. If you have the time and they are open you can also take a tour of the inside of them.

4. Next, Walk along the white picket fence all the way to the stone wall that borders the water.

5. Follow the stone path to a sign that is titled "Fight for the Cantonment Area: The American's Last Stand"

6. From the sign continue walking in the direction that you were and walk 120 paces along the stone wall to the very corner. When you get to the corner you will see a tree with a double trunk. If you see this tree you are in the right area.

7. Climb over the stone wall and walk down the hill towards the water just a bit until you come to some large concrete looking rocks. Hidden under the concrete you will find our special friendship box.

8. Please leave us a note and tell us where you are from and if you like our letterbox. Please rehide it well so that no one throws it away and more travelers can enjoy it!

9. Enjoy your day in Sackets Harbor!