The View From The Top--River Falls  LbNA # 49318 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2009
CountySt. Croix
LocationRiver Falls, WI
Planted ByPlain, Peanut,& Mini    
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This box was placed with the intention of rekindling an interest in creativity. Weary of the lack of mystery and thrill of the treasure hunt that used to define letterboxing, you will find that not everything is as it seems on this adventure. For the very seasoned letterboxer, these clues are only mildly cryptic, but for someone unaccustomed to puzzling out clues it may be challenging.

This hike is not too long, (perhaps a mile) but it does contain some steep hills. The trail is fairly well-maintained. It is supervised-kid and dog friendly. Keep an eye out for some poison ivy, but many of the three-leaved plants you see are some other plant that flowers in early summer. I don't know what it is.

Have fun!

Here we go:

Begin at River Falls' fourth park. Ascend until you see water. Find the trail that heads NNW. Begin walking, and do not allow yourself to be led astray. When in doubt, follow the North Star. In time, you will pass a tall oak with a small clearing to the right of the tree. Begin observing your surroundings carefully. Walk on to a narrow, broken V at the right edge of the trail. Look beyond to the old man of the forest standing at the back of the small cemetery. He holds the prize in his throat.