World's Tallest Man.  LbNA # 49313

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateJul 16 2009
Location???, MY
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 12 2011
Hike Distance?

I've been intrigued with Robert Wadlow for some time and wanted to plant a stamp of him sometime. Needless to say, time got away from me and the night before I left I hurriedly carved this stamp. Normally this stamp would have taken about 3 hours and I carved it in about an hour -- sorry for the lousy job. Perhaps someday I can pay Mr. Wadlow another visit with a better likeness.

This box was planted with Shorty on our way down to LB Con 09 in St. Louis. It was getting dark fast and it started raining just when we pulled up . . . then . . . DOWNPOUR!!!!! We got SOAKED, thus the pitiful hiding spot.

Find the spot where you can compare your height to that of the World's Tallest Man; Robert Wadlow (shown with about 35 seconds left in the video).

behind his right side, in the distance, is a small white structure with a pine tree near the porch. The corner of the porch shows you the spot.