SweetPea's  LbNA # 49296

Placed DateJul 30 2009
LocationAustin (Oak Hill), TX
Planted ByJackson Clan    
Found By Atheists "Я" Us
Last Found Jan 13 2014
Hike Distance?

Enter Convict Hill Quarry Park (6511 Convict Hill between 290 and Escarpment) at the main entrance. Go straight on the main trail past the first reading bench. At the next intersection, go right. Pass the swing and the information board. Veer right and walk to a big pile of rocks.
Go left at the pile of rocks and follow the path until it dead ends at the top of a ledge. Go left atop the ledge and walk towards the rainbow bench (a bench with rocks arranged in an arch under it). Turn left, go down the steps and stay on the path until the sharp left turn. Do not turn left!
Ahead of you should be a pile of dirt and rocks. Climb up to the top of the pile and look for the oak branch that is parallel to the pile. The oak branch has a dip in it. The letterbox is hidden under a pile of rocks under the dip in the branch.
Please stamp your pad and stamp our pad with your name, the date and where you live. If there are problems with the box, please email me at sugarthebear@yahoo.com. Make sure that you put the contents back in the bag in the box and hide it well under the rocks for the next letterboxer. Thanks!