Clackamas River  LbNA # 4922

Placed DateJul 7 2003
LocationEstacada, OR
Planted ByThe Paisley Orca    
Found By PoetRose
Last Found Jan 14 2014
Hike Distance?

Terrain is pretty easy and clues are straightforward. Compass readings are magnetic and approximate.

DIRECTIONS: When driving through the entrance of Milo McIver State Park a little ways you will come to a major junction with signs. For this letterbox you will want to go left toward Picnic Areas A-E, River Access. Follow the signs for river access/boat ramp. When you get to the gravel roads take the one that veers right and head down and park.

CLUES: Stand under the white and red sign that says "No Parking on Boat Ramp" and look out at the field in front of you. At 120 degrees there is a "One Way" sign. It points to the trail marker you want to go to at 170 degrees. Head onto this trail. Go over the little wooden boardwalk/bridge. The trail gradually inclines and bends to the right. Pass a mossy boulder on your right and continue up the trail. On your left-hand side there will be a stump with a large notch in it with a tree growing out of the top. Directly under this notch at the base to the left is the Clackamas River letterbox. It is concealed by bark. Please replace. This letterbox is right near the trail, so please be discreet. Thank you.

Best regards,

Amanda Briles
The Paisley Orca