Happy Days in Balestrand, Norway  LbNA # 49021

Placed DateJun 16 2009
CountyOther International
LocationBalestrand, NO, INT
Planted ByDe 4 Bestemoedres    
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Happy Days in Balestrand, Norway

Begin your search for this letterbox, dockside in Balestrand. Take a left and look for the Kviknes Hotell sign that points the way. Follow the path to the hotel. It was built in 1913 and is now a historic hotel, where several famous people have visited (including Keiser Wilhelm, who left his signature under one of the chairs in the room where they serve coffee).

Enter and walk through the hotel to the opposite of the building. On your way, stop at the WALL on your right. Ask someone about the wall and answer this question, “Where did this rock come from?”

Leave the hotel by the door opposite the one you entered. Walk up and over the hill and past the blue house with the gold trim on the right. Veer to you left and you’ll see St. Olaf Kirke. Stop a moment at #19 and count the trees you see.

Continue on to the church. What is the date on the church sign? Continue past the Balestrand Hotel and past a fruit orchard on your right. Look for a post box “shelter.” Look in the Balestrand Pensjonat Palmer/Unni Marie Kvikne Balestrand Eigedom post box. (This box is used with permission of the owner). Have a happy day!