Bird Watching  LbNA # 48900 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerUp, up, and away    
Placed DateJul 14 2009
CountyVan Buren
LocationPaw Paw, MI
Found By MomCat
Last Found Oct 25 2009
Hike Distance?

***We checked this box and it made it through the winter April 10, 2010***

This is a family friendly, easy box, so pack a picnic and enjoy the playground.

This box is located on Maple Isle. From I-94 go north on M-40 through Paw Paw. Maple Isle is located on the left side of M-40 and is an island on Maple Lake.

Cross the bridge going onto Maple Isle. From the bridge walk straight and find a dedication to the great “Sage”. Continue straight to a pillar of stone. From the pillar of stone turn to your left and walk about 40 paces to a large tree stump that has seen its better days, but is interesting to look at. From the stump, continue in the same direction toward the water. Once at the water, turn right. Walk around the shoreline enjoying the ducks and geese, but avoiding what they leave behind. Following the shoreline, be sure to count the benches that you pass. Continue walking the shoreline until you see the Big X to your right. As you approach the X walk around to the right side of where the X is located. Looking low, you will see 5 possible hiding places for this letterbox. The letterbox is in the spot that is equal to the number of benches you passed.

Please be sure to bring your own stamp pad for this one and PLEASE put back so that no one can see. This is a busy little island.