Carlos J. Crinklebine  LbNA # 48836

Placed DateJul 12 2009
LocationNashville, TN
Planted ByMamabearDiller    
Found By Tauvine
Last Found Jul 8 2017
Hike Distance?

Carlos J. Crinklebine

"I've had all I can stand!
I can't stand anymore!"
Said Carlos J. Crinklebine
At a quarter of four

"I endured Cats in Hats,
Two Things, and those kids.
I need a vacation!
My life's hit the skids!

I'll go out and see Uncle Phil and Aunt Shirley,
Cousins Chester and Virgil, and my nephew from Jersey.
They're all here in town for the family reunion
On Nolansville Pike- that's where I'll be cruising!

At the very best fish store I've ever been near-
Any grownup or kid would LOVE coming here!
There's fish of all kinds, every species and hue,
And all of the doodads that go with them, too!
If you're not into fish, you can hang out next door
Where the reptiles all live- that's a really cool store."

So come see the CRITTERS, AQUATIC or other
You'll find our friend Carlos, his aunt, and his mother!

Take I-24 to the exit for Haywood Lane. Head west toward Nolansville Pike. (Get in the center lane after you turn off of the exit, as the road merges into one lane after the light for Linbar Drive/Apache Trail.)
Turn left at the stoplight, onto Nolansville Pike (there's a CVS across the road.)
Get in the right hand lane.
You'll pass Tusculum Elementary School on your right, and you'll go through the stoplight at McMurry Drive.
Look for the big blue Critter sign on your right, and the yellow awning!
Start out in Aquatics...
The freshwater side is to the right.
Head past the first row of tanks- keep the tanks to your right, cash registers on your left.
Take an immediate right, then right again to the second aisle of tanks.
Take your first left about halfway down, then another immediate right.
There will be a wall of aquarium supplies on your left, and tanks of goldfish on your right.
Carlos is visiting his family in the middle row, all the way down on the right!
He's visiting about FOURTEEN members of his family, and he's sitting on top in the back, enjoying his vacation!

Many, many thanks to manager Ray, and the entire crew, for being willing to host a letterbox in the store!
Enjoy your time there!