Moyer Baseball Stroll (The Proposal)  LbNA # 48796 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 19 2007
LocationSalem, VA
Planted ByABCFamilyExplorers    
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Went to check on this letterbox yesterday. It is no longer in its hiding spot. Will go back another day to see if I can find it.

Notice: This is not a long journey but does include several clues on the same trail, each which leads you to the next and ultimately to the letterbox. Please put each clue back as you found it. When you find the letterbox, you will understand why it has two names. You will see that you are a part of a VERY special letterbox.

Start your tour of the Moyer Park area at the front entrance of The Moyer Sports complex. Facing the front of the park and the fields, you will need to travel left. (Ignore the signs)

Your first clue will be located near the focus of a very special song that is sung at the begining of all baseball games. When you are facing this banner, there is a fence post behind it. You're first clue is located beside it's twin to the left.