Lambert Lane Park  LbNA # 48791

Placed DateJul 7 2009
LocationOro Valley, AZ
Planted BySarah&Max    
Found By Die Schmetterlinge
Last Found Sep 2 2015
Hike Distance?

This letterbox has my favorte Arizona bird located inside. I am moving away and will always remember the good times I had finding letterboxes. Thanks Arizona!

Go to Lambert Lane Park off of Lambert Lane in between La Canada and La Cholla Roads.

To find Letterbox:

From the parking lot take the main trail to the Right and up a small hill. At the top of the hill you will pass 2 benches on the right. After passing the benches take a side trail that goes off to the right and then take an immediate left to get to another 2 benches. Sit in the far bench and directly in front of you is a fantastic view and a Creosote bush. You will find what you seek under this bush. (watch for critters!)

Please explore the remainder of the small loop trail, I have seen my favorite Arizona bird feasting on Saguaro nectar there.