Trillium Lake Forest Finds Series  LbNA # 4877

Placed DateJul 19 2003
LocationGovernment Camp, OR
Planted ByWingnut    
Found By Double Tree
Last Found Oct 26 2008
Hike Distance?

All boxes have been replaced with a brand new 3rd edition version, and new log books as of July 30th 2006. A couple of very small changes have been made, so make sure to reprint the clues if you have an earlier edition! Good luck!

These boxes were placed by Wingnut with help from the “Transplanted Cowboys” Trillium Lake is located about 2 miles East of Government Camp, Oregon in the Mount Hood National Forest. Follow the signs up hwy 26 to the lake’s entrance. Day use fee: $6.00 Difficulty: Easy approx 2 mile hike around the lake. Stroller friendly! These boxes are technically orphaned since I can only make it back about once a year to check on them. The park is closed during the winter so these are also seasonal. There is great camping (reservations strongly suggested) and some great fishing! The lake is stocked all through the season. This is a very high traffic path during the summer months, please take care to find and re-hide discreetly! These boxes were placed with simple finds from beginners to advanced in mind, but not for someone without clues. Be sure to bring your compass, ink pad and pen along! Enter and park near the first boat launch, as your journey will begin here.

THE JOURNEY BEGINS: From the boat launch ramp, start off on the trail # 761 Lake Loop (2). Follow the trail along the lake, watching folks fish and picnic, crossing 4 boardwalks along the way, leads you to a paved road that travels across the dam on your right. From the dam you see a second small campground across and to the left. Cross the street watching for traffic and begin your search.

BOX #1: THE ELUSIVE TROUT Stand with your back to the #58. At approx 80 degrees magnetic stands a tree. Behind the tree lays a fallen log, tucked under the log and below a rock you will find the elusive trout. Discretion is advised, as this is a very high traffic area. Tuck away safely please…….

BOX #2: THE FERN BOX: From box #1 continue over the dam going NW to the boardwalk trail that starts at the edge of the lake on your right. Taking this trail, follow along the lakeside, when you come to the next boardwalk, cross it and stop. Turn around and count 22 planks back to find the protruding fern covered stump (at least there are ferns in July!) to your right. your prize lays inside, please re-hide well!

BOX #3: WILDFLOWER Continue on the trail heading NE into the woods then into the wildflower meadows. On your right (eventually)there will be a not so well used path. Take this path and another immediate right into a grove of trees. Where 2 old trees grow from one, look up! Hidden in the V lies what you seek. The vertically challenged may need to tip toe! (keep in mind that wildflowers are not in bloom all season, so you may have to "immagine" them being there depending on the time of year you visit.)

BOX #4: THE MEADOW FROG Go back up to the main trail and continue North through the rest of the wildflowers. When you come to the long boardwalk, stop and have a seat, take a brake, and enjoy the views! Looking over your right shoulder at Mount Hood, gaze down to the boards in the corner, wedged under the rail behind the corner and on bottom is the meadow frog. You are looking for a micro box in a film canister. Please take extreme care not to push it out the other side and into the marsh to be lost forever! Seal well and replace carefully!

BOX #5: THE TWINS Continue East on the boardwalk through the woods and into the forest of stumps. Near the end stands a grandfather of a stump with it fallen remains begining to decay on the right side of the trail. 11 paces from the "gate" to your left lies a “raccoon lodge” with twins growing from it’s top. Deep within lays your quest. Please lodge it in well, remember snow pack may melt and wash it away.

BOX #6: THE DRAGONFLY Back on the path and over the next boardwalk, when the path splits in two, take the one going East, 5 boardwalks later, soon you see a tree you may wish to use as a bench. Take a seat facing NW and look approx 35 degrees, too a set of stumps ahead. Inside the farthest one is your last box! Please cover well and don’t stuff too deep! If you keep going, this path will take you back. You will cross one boat launch then on to the one you started from.