Accident Report  LbNA # 48766

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Placed DateJun 21 2009
Location???, IL
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Accident Report

This box has been renamed to "Accident Report". I've ditched the original name, even though you will see it in the logbook. The original name was "Unlucky #19".

Back when I worked at Bonnett's Wholesale Florist, I would drive about 400 miles a day, leaving at 3 in the morning and getting home early afternoon. Bonnett's owns a fleet of 1983 diesel VW Rabbits and 1984 diesel S-10's (the only diesel S-10's ever made from what I've been told).

I was shocked to see the odometer on one that read 868,000 miles!!! WoW, almost a million miles (relatively speaking). Then I thought a while: 400 miles/day, 5 days a week = 2,000. 2,000 x 52 weeks in a year = 104,000. 104,000 a year x 20 years = 2,080,000!!!!

Bonnett's has mechanics who work there and fix these vehicles none stop to keep them drivable.... they do a fantastic job!!

As drivers, we all had flat tires, or a vehicle just shutting down on us. A mechanic would drive to wherever we were towing a different truck. Then we would just swap out vehicles. I've had the mechanics meet me in Bellevue, IA, Galena, IL & Platville, WI to name a few.

However, Unlucky #19 was the dreaded truck no one wanted -- and nothing to do with the mechanics of it. A few stories to share;

1) Kids threw a cinder block off an overpass and it penetrated the roof of #19. Fixed and back on the road within a week.

2) I hit my first deer in #19, Shattered the windshield, scrapped down the body of the truck and cracked the rear bumper. Fixed and back on the road.

3) Slide off the road in Mercer County, hit an embankment, slid across the road stopping in Mercer County. Cops argued over whose jurisdiction it was in.

Of the above I was only involved in #2.... #'s 1 & 3 were other drivers.

I did, at times, call Becki up at three in the morning telling her to say a prayer for me, because I was heading out into an ice storm in #19. It became a joke, I could just call her and say "number 19" and she would know what I was speaking of.

Once such morning was just like that. The streets were covered in ice, I had made it about 100 miles from home without problem. Then, all of a sudden number nineteen slid . . . it took me across the street slamming into a guard rail. I slid down the length of the guard rail and once clear of that guard rail, the truck spun clockwise back across the street before coming to a stop on the shoulder of the road...

The truck was still drivable, though dented pretty good. The nice thing about having mechanics that fix everything is that we never had to call the cops or fill out accident reports (unless we damaged other peoples property). In this case I called the office, told them it was still drivable and they told me to keep on my way.

Even though I didn't have to fill out an Accident Report at the time, I figured I would do so now. So that you would have a better understanding of the accident I just mentioned above.