Sunset Beach Park  LbNA # 48748 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2009
LocationKimberly, WI
Planted ByThe Lighthouse Crew    
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Sunset Beach Park

8/5/09 - Apparently someone has ransacked our letterbox and destroyed it - it wasn't even one month old! Shame on you - whoever you are!!

Welcome to the FIRST letterbox placed by The Lighthouse Crew! When we come to visit our family, we enjoy visiting this beautiful park and pool. We are sure you will enjoy your visit too! Two of the things Sunset Park is known for, is beach-like swimming and fireworks. So in our letterbox, you will find THREE miniature stamps that represent the name of the park and these two things. ENJOY!

Park in the lot by the ball diamond. Face the water, and proceed to the last bench on the right. Sit down, relax and ENJOY the peaceful view of the Fox River. Now return to the paved path and head away from the ball diamond. Follow the gently curving path until you see the sign about pets. Turn right, and cross the asphalt to the wooded, gravel path by the stacked rock ledge. Go up the path. Proceed under the yellow "fence" and up the hill. Turn left, before you get into the clearing, onto a steeply sloped dirt path. About 10 feet down the path, you'll see a "hidden path" on your right - take it! On your left is a sextuplet tree. Your treasure is nestled in the center.

Please re-hide carefully - sealing the bags and box well, and covering with the rock, sticks, leaves etc.

Please send us a message or record your find of our box as we enjoy tracking it. THANKS for including our letterbox in your fun!