The Boomerang  LbNA # 4834 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 16 2003
LocationElkton, VA
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This box was placed by a ten-year old in a playground. If you are not a kid it may be a little tricky!

The little town of Elkton is located on Rt 33 20 or so miles east of Harrisonburg, VA (which is located right on Rt 81). If you are coming from the east (Charlottesville or Stanardsville) just take Rt 33 west, come over the mountain (you will cross Skyline Drive at Swift Run Gap)and Elkton is just a few miles to the west of Skyline Drive. Get off Rt 33 onto Rt 340 and head north. Go past the Pizza Hut and the 7-11 and through the traffic light still on 340 heading north. Take the second left onto C Street and follow it to the end. You will pass behind Elkton Elementary School and straight ahead will be Elkton's Stonewall Park. The wooden play fort has a walking ring around it.

Your treasure is hidden somewhere in the fort. First go and find the big tire swing. Look for the closest tree and go to it. Stand with your back to the tree and looking at the playground. Walk 12 paces (kid paces) straight ahead to the right hand ramp. Walk up the ramp.

Go down the tube located at 12 o'clock (12 o'clock is straight ahead, 9 o'clock is straight left and 3 o'clock is straight right). Once out of the tube go up a little ramp and step up at nine o'clock. After two more steps take a slide down. Find the balance beam and follow it. Step up and go into the half tube with the roof. Go out the other end. Cross the bridge and go up the two steps and go down the slide. Don't forget to say "WHEEE". Climb up the steep ramp where there used to be a rope and then go down the bumpy-rumpy slide. Turn to 4 o'clock, walk 12 paces to the ramp with a rope. Climb up it. Go across the platform and go down some steps to the V shaped ramp. Go down and up on this ramp. Now go up two steps and slide down the little tube. Go down the little ramp and see the steep ramp with the rope. Go under this ramp and put your back against the underside of the ramp. Look straight ahead and down. Do you see the low platform with a knothole? You are very, very close! Look around - are there any kids near? If so, wait until there are none. Now reach under the platform between the knothole and the edge of the platform. Take the microbox over to a picnic table to stamp in and replace it very carefully and secretly.