The V Is The Place To Be- Sycamore Canyon Camp  LbNA # 48283

Placed DateMay 15 2009
LocationCamarillo, CA
Planted Byzonk4fun    
Found By Woolfairy Clan
Last Found Oct 20 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is hidden inside Big Sycamore Camp Ground. Its an easy box to find. Great family fun while staying at the camp ground. You will need a shovel to dig up the clue. BE sure not to dig to hard because you might break open the box. Good luck and happy "hunting".
*Remember LEAVE NO TRACE! Cub Scouts Pack 201


Upon the start look out for the bear
Donít look side to side itís in the air
Facing into the camp a small building stands
Here is where you shower and wash your hands

When you arrive find the fourth wood post
Now to your left do a quarter turn at the most
Take ten paces through the grass
As you do youíll pass the gas

Once you stop look hard and you will see
A large shape of a V in the tree
This is where you will pass through
Once you do you will see another V to continue

Quick to your left a pair of rocks side by side
Here is where the box will hide
Between the rocks find yet another V
Look at the base, there the treasure will be

*Planted by Burbank, Cub Scouts Pack 201