The Warrior  LbNA # 4819 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 15 2003
Location???, RI
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Back in place on Oct 15; checked Nov 9, 2006.

Missing again - April 2007

This Warrior, carved and packaged by ScoutDogs in Indiana, can be found in a place that has harbored several different varieties of warriors over the years. To find this particular one’s hiding place, go to an island that is now joined by a free bridge to the mainland and by a toll bridge to another island. Take the Helm [he’s wearing a fine one! :-) ], then go South on North ‘till you find yourself continuing Southwest. Pass roads to 2 other more well known forts to your left and right, then find an ever-ready, heavy-handed lane on the right. When you drive to the parking lot at the end, your prospects are looking up to a park newly cleared and rededicated by a community effort on June 29, 2002. Take the path to the right to view the breastworks utilized by soldiers in different uniforms. To find one more, dressed to the hilt in even older style, scout out the middle of the multi-maple by Burnett’s bench. You may complete the loop by going past a large rock concealing a small cannon, then continuing past a bunker sporting a rather suspenseful geocache. Hope you’ve enjoyed your brief trek through a bellicose bit of history.