Buddha  LbNA # 48046

Placed DateJun 14 2009
CountyOther International
LocationChiang Mai, INT
Planted ByHorseDoc    
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Last EditedDec 10 2015

*Weary travelers forewarned, this expedition is not for the weak or tired. This involves a steady hike up many stairs.*

When embarking on this journey, you will first pass the places where the wilds of Africa are alive in the hours of darkness and the Majestic flowers reign.

You will come to a crossing where you must pay respect to Buddha before continuing on.

Choose the trail wisely, the path less traveled may be more difficult but always yields results. You will find the first clearing in the brush on the left after the split in the road to be helpful in finding your way. A short walk along the red path will lead you to a worn stone staircase in the forest.

Continue along these stairs until you meet the two white Dragons. They will guide you through the last part of the uphill battle.

At the tail of the dragons you will reach the tranquil sea of blue where you can take in the breathtaking view of the city below.

Make your way inside and behold the golden chedi at the center of it all. Follow the wall until you reach the passageway that will lead you out the other side.

Find the One who observes Chiang Mai day and night from his sitting place. He is not secretive or unimpressive in where He sits on His throne.

His gaze will guide you in the direction in which to proceed next. (Be sure to appreciate the scenery before moving on, he will not be changing his position anytime soon)

Take in one last view of the city before descending into the trees once again. Take care to follow the stare of the one that kneels for he will guide you rightly. Be patient as a rock (or two) for the reward may not be shown right away.