Solitude at the Arboretum  LbNA # 48031

Placed DateJun 7 2009
LocationYakima, WA
Planted Byexplorets    
Found By SalmonSeekers
Last Found Jan 11 2014
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Located in the Yakima Arboretum at 1401 Aroboretum Drive in Yakima, Washington (off of Nob Hill Blvd/State Road 24).

Enter the Jewett Interpretive Center and pick up a Self-Guided Tour (strongly recomended). Enjoy the exhibits.

After exiting the center through the front door, follow the gravel path on your right.

As you walk along the path, try not to "Go Nuts."

Look for "Fireworks" on your left if you are visiting in the Spring.

"Amidst the flowers, I tell the hours." Find out what time it is in the Rose Garden.

Once you know the time, grab your towel and sunscreen and head to the "Beech."

Next, look for the place where the "Joyful" Samurai roam. Pass under the "Yoshio Hata" gateway and follow the path to the twin bridges.

Cross the bridges and zigzag your way up to the top of the waterfall.

Follow the path around the back of the waterfall and down the other side.

Take the first path on your right. Look on your left for the Weeping Cherry that could be related to Medusa.

Behind Medusa's look alike there are several boulders. You will find your prize behind the one in front of the bush that is always green.