Taylor Mill Historical Site  LbNA # 47987 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 8 2009
LocationDerry, NH
Planted ByCoach K is the Man    
Found By Explorer Pair
Last Found Sep 29 2009
Hike Distance?

Be extremely careful. Park on the side of the road at the site, located on Island Pond Rd. in Derry, NH. Start from the sign and walk fifteen steps toward the right of the logs. Look to your left and continue hugging the building and walking. Once you walk off of the grassy area, look beneath your feet. As usual, please take care to rehide this box, keeping it out of plain sight.

The Taylor Mill Historic Site, located in Derry, New Hampshire, was formed on land purchased by Robert Taylor, for whom it is named. The land was purchased in 1799, and began to run in 1805, with the date of closure unknown. Throughout the years, the original mill continually degraded to the point where it was unusable. Scrap wood and parts from the mill were sold over time, and when Ernest Ballard purchased the land in 1939, he sought to have it redone.
Ballard looked for a saw mill that he could have put in place of the old mill in hopes of restoring memories of the past. His search ended in when purchasing a disassembled mill from Dan Hoit of Sandown, New Hampshire. Ballard and his wife took two years to assemble the mill and find everything to get it up and running. However, he and his wife were unsuccessful in finding a water wheel, until purchasing one from the Fitz Water Company of Hanover, Pennsylvania for $1,200 dollars.
Today, the saw mill is no longer in operation. When in full use, the mill would operate at sixty strokes per minute. In 1953, Ballard donated the saw mill, the property, and the nearby house to the State of New Hampshire.