Kelley Library Letterbox  LbNA # 47977 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 8 2009
LocationSalem, NH
Planted Bymaggie06    
Last Found Jul 25 2010
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The Kelley Library is one of the oldest and most historical places in Salem New Hampshire and has lots of history behind it development to what it is today. The Kelley Library has not always been the same as it is now, it has had a different name and has even been located in a different location.
In 1798 an act was passed by the state legislature to start a Social Library, but no town had the money to open one, so the state decided to give away one hundred dollars to ant town that could raise one quarter of the prize money, of twenty five dollars. So Salem’s fathers donated the twenty five dollars to the town immediately and Salem won the extra one hundred and were able to start the Social Library. At first the Social Library was moved to the old school house on Main Street next to the town’s original town hall in 1895, the library stayed in this location until 1966, when Arthur Kelley left his property to the Social Library in his will. A new building was built on his property as Salem’s new public library, and this is still now the library’s current location. Because of Arthur Kelley’s donation of his land the library’s name changed from The Social Library to The Kelley Library.
In 1978 the library’s director, Edward Reed organized an addition the library, the addition was the downstairs children’s area, and above it the Reference Department. The library also went through an update in 1996 of online catalogues, access to other library collections, and by computer was completely reorganized. Then recently in 2008 the new director, Alison Baker was hired the library underwent another technological update of even more library collections, and a new online integrated library system.
The Kelley Library is one of the oldest buildings in Salem NH with the most history behind it which also represents the history of the town working together to start and then improve the library for the public which continues now to improve for our community.

1.Go to the Kelley Library.
2.Find the stone table outside of where the children play.
3.Face the pole that lights the streets, and turn right.
4.Walk strait ahead towards the tree, and turn right.
5.Walk to the second big tree that you see ahead.
6.Walk strait up to the woods and stop.
7.Turn to the right search for awhile, but you will find what you are looking for.
8.Good Luck!!!!