Get Outdoors and Be Creative! - Draw  LbNA # 47753 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 6 2009
LocationYork, PA
Found By Mamaw Ladybug
Last Found Aug 21 2009
Hike Distance?

The following letterbox is part of the GO York "Get Outdoors and Be Creative!" program. It will only be available between June 6, 2009 and September 7, 2009. To participate in the program, please pick up your official "Get Outdoors and Be Creative! Sketch Book at any York County library.

In addition, this program uses creativity stations - a wooden marker post with an engraved plate on it - instead of a traditional letterbox. Please make sure to have a crayon with you to carefully rub the picture in your Sketch Book. Further information about the "Get Outdoors and Be Creative!" program may be found at

This creativity station involves a walking tour of the York City murals. GO York Kids level of difficulty = 3

*** Your trek will take you along the streets of York City. Please walk carefully, use sidewalks, and obey all traffic rules.

1. Begin by walking west on West Philadelphia Street toward the Codorus Creek. Just before reaching the Railroad Crossing, turn left on the “…ing” Street.
2. Locate the parking meter that is in front of “The School District of the City of York” building and is painted with fish swimming in water. What number is painted in black and orange paint on the side of this meter? ______
3. Place a “1” in front of this number and walk to this location on West Market Street. (You will turn left on W. Market St. from the street you are on.)
4. Look at the mural that celebrates York County’s birthday. How “old” was York County in 1999? _____
5. Subtract “90” from York County’s age in 1999 and walk to this location on South George Street. (Walk toward the square on W. Market St. and turn right on S. George St.)
6. During World War II, the York Plan was created. How many “points” were in this program? _____
7. Add “13” to the number of “points” and walk to this location on East Market Street. (Walk back toward the square and turn right on E. Market St.).
8. Across from this location on East Market Street, you will notice a large mural of a major event held in York County each September. Use this mural to fill in the three blanks below:
- How many American flags are in the picture? _____
- Other than “1” and “5”, what are the other two numbers, listed from left to right, on the racing pigs? ____ and ____
9. These three numbers, in the order listed above, form the address on North George Street to which you need to walk. (Return to the square and turn right on N. George St.)
10. On the side of this building is a mural of a “tool” (two words) moved to York in 1777 to help make newspapers and special letters. What is the same first letter of these two words? _____
11. This same first letter also starts the name of a company known in York for making items on which you may eat. A mural of this company is a few blocks back off North George Street. Walk back to find this mural and count the number of workers in the picture. ______
12. You are almost done. Head back toward where you started and turn left on the “fruity” lane. (Notice the mural of three bodybuilders across the street.)
13. Once you reach the outdoor seating area, locate the mural of the carpenter whose tools are hanging just above the number ___ (number of workers in prior picture). The creativity station should be located here.