Get Outdoors and Be Creative! - Garden  LbNA # 47740 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 6 2009
LocationEmigsville, PA
Found By Papaw Bumblebee
Last Found Jun 15 2009
Hike Distance?

The following letterbox is part of the GO York "Get Outdoors and Be Creative!" program. It will only be available between June 6, 2009 and September 7, 2009. To participate in the program, please pick up your official "Get Outdoors and Be Creative! Sketch Book at any York County library.

In addition, this program uses creativity stations - a wooden marker post with an engraved plate on it - instead of a traditional letterbox. Please make sure to have a crayon with you to carefully rub the picture in your Sketch Book. Further information about the "Get Outdoors and Be Creative!" program may be found at

This creativity station is located at John C. Rudy County Park. GO York Kids level of difficulty = 2

1. Enter the park off Mundis Race Road and park in the gravel parking lot
2. Locate the arched Rail Trail entrance and follow it back toward Mundis Race Road
3. Before reaching the road, use the two benches on the left to find Fred Reiss’ middle initial? _____
4. Locate and, after looking both ways, walk to the Make-A-Wish forest sign across the street. With your back to Mundis Race Road, look at the name plaques on the sign. In what column do first names begin with the same middle initial as Fred Reiss? _____
5. Turn left and walk past the pine trees to the York County Parks office. Stay inside the split rail fence.
6. Walk under the covered porch at the rear of the Parks office and past the marker that tells you how many miles it is to every York County Park.
7. When you reach the garden area, enter by the brown wooden sign near Mundis Race Road and the brown wooden sign.
8. Locate the ___rd (number of column from Make-A-Wish sign) row to your left and the flower with a color in its name. What is the flower’s name (3 words)? _______________________
9. Retrace your steps back behind the Parks office and follow the gravel road behind the stone and red barn. There will be a parking lot back here – be careful of vehicles!
10. A gravel road leading back toward the park is behind this barn. Follow it through the trees and back toward the pavilion area.
11. Turn left where the path meets the cement walkway, and follow the walkway through the pavilion area and toward the playground.
12. Locate the pavilion whose name has the same color in it as the flower you found in the garden. What is the last letter of the tree name (second word) of that pavilion? _____
13. Continue on the pathway past the playgrounds and picnic tables. Turn right at the “T” in the path and continue toward the flagpole.
14. Turn left at the flagpole and follow the shaded path through the woods.
15. When you reach the Observatory sign, turn left and follow either path. Begin looking for a bench that was placed “In Loving Memory of ________”. The first letter of this person’s first name is the same as the last letter of the tree name at the picnic pavilion.
16. The creativity station is located near this bench.