Get Outdoors and Be Creative! - Write Poems  LbNA # 47732 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 6 2009
LocationHallam, PA
Found By Papaw Bumblebee
Last Found Jun 8 2009
Hike Distance?

The following letterbox is part of the GO York "Get Outdoors and Be Creative!" program. It will only be available between June 6, 2009 and September 7, 2009. To participate in the program, please pick up your official "Get Outdoors and Be Creative! Sketch Book at any York County library.

In addition, this program uses creativity stations - a wooden marker post with an engraved plate on it - instead of a traditional letterbox. Please make sure to have a crayon with you to carefully rub the picture in your Sketch Book. Further information about the "Get Outdoors and Be Creative!" program may be found at

This creativity station is located at Clayton Ely Emig Park (Hallam Borough). GO York Kids level of difficulty = 1

1. Park in the lower parking lot and walk toward the Oak Pavilion.
2. Locate the wooden bridge leading to the playground and follow the gravel path over the bridge.
3. Notice the two signs on the other side of the bridge. One sign includes a picture – follow the water in the direction it is going (downstream) and locate a similar, but smaller sign on the other side of the creek.
4. Walk back across the wooden bridge, making sure that you count the number of planks in its floor. Write the number of planks here ____. Add the number in the tens column to the number in the ones column, and fill in the next blank below.
5. Walk toward the sign you noticed on the right in the distance. (You should be back on the pavilion side of the creek.)
6. Pass by the sign and continue along the grass lawn past the next bridge. Do not cross this bridge!
7. Listen to the water in the stream. Can you hear birds chirping? What do you smell? See? How would you describe what you hear, see and smell? Maybe you could write a poem telling other people about your adventure today.
8. The grass will turn into a gravel path. Continue to follow the creek along this gravel path and past two benches until you find a wide meadow path on your left.
9. Follow the meadow path until you reach a manhole cover in the ground. Turn left and follow this trail up the hill, making sure to always stay to the left when the trail splits.
10. As you walk up the trail, locate two “skinny” trees that look alike and are growing on each side of the trail.
11. Before you reach the second tree, look left and walk about ____ (sum of two numbers in the number of wooden bridge planks) steps to the creativity station.
12. To return, continue to follow the path up the hill and turn left at the split.