Get Outdoors and Be Creative! - Star Gaze  LbNA # 47727 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 6 2009
LocationCraley, PA
Found By Papaw Bumblebee
Last Found Jun 21 2009
Hike Distance?

The following letterbox is part of the GO York "Get Outdoors and Be Creative!" program. It will only be available between June 6, 2009 and September 7, 2009. To participate in the program, please pick up your official "Get Outdoors and Be Creative! Sketch Book at any York County library.

In addition, this program uses creativity stations - a wooden marker post with an engraved plate on it - instead of a traditional letterbox. Please make sure to have a crayon with you to carefully rub the picture in your Sketch Book. Further information about the "Get Outdoors and Be Creative!" program may be found at

This creativity station is located at Apollo County Park. GO York Kids level of difficulty = 2

1. Enter the park through the gate and follow trail #2.
2. At the “Y” intersection, bear to your left and follow the trail uphill. The woods will be on your right and a farm field on your left.
3. As you are walking, look up. The sky is in constant motion. The sun is moving, clouds are changing shape and its color can range from gray to a beautiful blue.
4. Eventually the trail will begin to gradually go downhill.
5. Continue to follow trail #2 as it turns to the right.
6. Just after turning right and as you begin to enter the woods (about 8 adult steps), look for a fence post on the left side of the trail. You will find the creativity station attached to the post.
7. To return to the parking lot, either:
a. Retrace all of your steps back to the parking lot.
b. Continue on trail #2 as it makes a loop back toward the starting point. Remember to turn right at every split until you arrive at the farm field. (Longer – 1.00 mile)