Massacre Memorial (Damaged)  LbNA # 47696 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2009
LocationMalvern, PA
Planted ByAmelia + Trixie    
Found By PA Dream Cachers
Last Found Jan 29 2010
Hike Distance?

Note: Im so sorry, but please do not attempt this letterbox, it has been damaged by weather, and I hav not been able to replace it, sorry for any inconvienience.

Note: Before attempting to find this letter box, be sure to be wearing sneakers!

Start at the tennis courts at Malvern Memorial Park. Go down the road untill you come to flag pole.To the east of the flag pole, there are two cannons in front of a rock wall. Head towards the wall. Go past the wall and all the way to your left there is a wood fence. Don't confuse this fence with the other wood fence in the middle of the field. Go the fence and follow it down the field towards the woods. Once you are at the end of the fence, follow the edge of the forest to your right untill you come to the first opening in the woods. Follow the path untill you come to ruins of a really old house. Go to the second slab of cement and look underneath of it behind a rock.