Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page The Prince  LbNA # 47536

Placed DateMay 25 2009
LocationRunnemede, NJ
Planted BySar the Impaler    
Found By Team Morrissy
Last Found May 15 2016
Hike Distance?

Green Acres Park in Runnemede is not on Google Maps. It is at the end of Dettmar Terrace; Dettmar is a dead-end. You can drive in and park in the lot just past the playground.

In addition to the playground, Green Acres also has baseball fields and basketball and tennis courts. There is a trail, too. Beyond the parking lot, there is a helicopter pad, and that's where your journey starts. If you keep walking down the driveway past the parking lot, you'll see it: a cul-de-sac in the middle of nowhere with an X in the middle.

At approximately 1:00 (with noon dead ahead), there is a break in the guard rail that goes around the circle. That's where the trail starts! It's paved. Get hiking.

You'll pass the basketball courts on your right, and then the tennis courts. Cross the bridge and keep going. Pass the baseball field, then cross the second bridge. Just past this bridge, to the right of the trail, is a tree shaped like a Y; make a hard right at this tree. Head down towards the creek. When you reach the little hill at the water's edge, look to your right. See that double-trunked tree, the one with the skinnier trunk facing the water? Be careful looking around the base of that tree, because people might see you find The Prince.