Girls' Weekend 2009  LbNA # 47476

Placed DateMay 17 2009
LocationSausalito, CA
Planted ByFeelin' Groovy    
Found By Public Hand
Last Found Aug 9 2009
Hike Distance?

This box requires a short walk of about 8 minutes and rewards you with an amazing 180 degree view of the bay.

DIRECTIONS: Park (free) at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Sausalito (a great place for young kids). From the lot, walk up the gravel road on the south end of the lot. Follow the road as it curves left past the Yacht Club – you will pass between two “Do Not Enter” signs (these signs are for cars, not people.)
Go up a short incline toward two information plaques about the Bay. Facing south, to the right of the plaques is a small staircase. Go up the stairs to the trailhead which is marked by wooden posts on the left side. As you follow the path note Yates Battery (essentially in-ground bunkers) on your right and a beautiful view of the city and bay on your left.
Follow the trail as it leads to the cliff's edge. When you reach a wooden staircase, STOP. Take two steps down and look under the second, large platform step. There you should spy the Girls Weekend Box which has a pink top.